Today's #HealthCareChat – Using CRM Platforms in Healthcare

Today’s #HealthCareChat hosted by @EricDemers (CEO of Accreon) and @nextwaveconnect covered the topic of using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and processes in the healthcare space.

Here’s a semi-formatted transcript of the chat – courtesy of @Symplur.


@nextwaveconnect – Hi everyone! Let’s give a warm welcome to @EricDemers We’ll be discussing the many aspects of #CRM in healthcare

Topic #1: How can healthcare providers use a mix of digital tools for innovative care delivery and patient communications?

@drkdhoffman – Need to be where the people are…#mobile & #smartphones, I think

@awareseniorcare – Innovative tech coming out more and more every day. So many possibilities with mobile as far as patient data and care.

@awareseniorcare – Some apps coordinate care and manage caregiving schedules; only issue is working out the privacy concerns.

@rtoleti – People are addicted to their #smartphones. We have to meet them there

@ericdemers – Actively engaging providers and patients through mobile devices can improve the patient experience.

@carey_smith – All relevant info, such as patient encounters, care team notes, clinical results, etc, can be accessed in one location.

@visionwaremdm – Agree w/[email protected] 2 meet them where they are. ppl are also addicted to TV, healthcare needs to get into their living rooms!

@awareseniorcare – @Carey_Smith Possibility for true interoperability if managed/coordinated correctly.

@carey_smith – Agreed @rtoleti. Personalized communications when and where patients are.

@thenerdynurse – @AwareSeniorCare the apps need to be HIPAA compliant to work with patient data. Plain and simple. No HIPAA complaince no go

@steven_paul – <3 the idea of #PateintEducation between appointments. This is a big help for new parents and those with young children.

Topic #2: What is a #CRM and how can it help break down silos and integrate information?

@ericdemers – CRM integrates all your organization’s data sources to create a single, holistic view of each patient.

@ericdemers – CRM and EHR functionality are merging with the potential for greatly enhanced customer service.

@visionwaremdm – #CRM = relationships. Know your customers, their relationships, likes, dislikes. oddly enough it’s like dating

@awareseniorcare – @TheNerdyNurse There’s always a “Wild West” side that needs to be tamed, for sure. Just because you doesn’t mean you should

@thenerdynurse – CRMs could smash through the walls if all (that need to) have access. Often only certain people get these cool tools 🙁

@visionwaremdm – [email protected] absolutely big caveat is accuracy though. #CRM’s lifeline = data accuracy.

@steven_paul – #CRM bring fast and effective organization to Patient management. Sorry manilla folders….I’m seeing someone else.

Topic #3: Have you considered using a #CRM to manage your patient population? What signs indicate this should be considered?

@ericdemers – Pop health requires effective engagement and ongoing, persistent collaboration with people at the individual level.

@carey_smith – CRM allows patients & providers to share info that will allow them to stay ahead of medical problems.

@carey_smith – Multi-channel support via email, chat, and web allow for real-time access to personalized care.

@awareseniorcare – Haven’t seriously considered, but seniors see a lot of different physicians/specialists/etc. Could be more efficient.

@awareseniorcare – (cont) But again, that’s assuming security/privacy aren’t compromised.

@thenerdynurse – CRMS help to balance the the medical care with who the patient is and what the patient needs.

@ericdemers – If you organization has trouble keeping track of patient/provider interactions, CRM may be the solution.

@carey_smith – Key: Sending the RIGHT personal message to the RIGHT device at the RIGHT time.

@rtoleti – @drkdhoffman CRM and EHR co-relationship, yes!

@drkdhoffman – @Carey_Smith This doesn’t have to be just email Can be SMS on mobile…

@verbalcare – #CRMs could help everyone be on the same page and optimize the care process. Faster, more accurate, etc.

@drkdhoffman – 98% of people open their text messages within 3 minutes. How does that compare to other mediums?

@steven_paul – It’s 2015. I think we all deserve better then this.

@jimmie_vanagon – @Carey_Smith @Nextwaveconnect T3 I’m a huge proponent of CRM has been much better than I realized 4 improved nursing/pt care

@verbalcare – #CRMs should be patient centric though.

Topic #4: Could a #CRM help you understand your patients better and give you a competitive advantage in the healthcare market?

@ericdemers – 71% of millennials want their DR to provide a mobile app to manage preventative care, health records, and appointments.

@ericdemers – Providers need new ways to connect with patients and deliver info in a cost effective, easy to access & simple manner.

@ericdemers – Satisfied customers come back, provide referrals, learn the customer role, accept advice and adopt new offerings.

@rtoleti – as long as #CRM influences #patient #engagement rates

@visionwaremdm – of course, but can’t be #CRM in a vacuum. it’s needs functionality that governs, builds relationships, ensures accuracy

@kellypedinp – Agree, scheduling appts & call backs is antiquated

@drkdhoffman – And Does the CRM integrate with #EHR?

@carey_smith – CRM enables information sharing and communication that go far beyond what’s available through other patient portals.

@rtoleti – Many challenges with #patientportals. It’s crickets in there.

Topic #5: Is it possible to make patient care more personalized and increase profit?

@awareseniorcare – With social media growing, more than ever. If PT feels invested/trusts your methods, they become advocates for you.

@ericdemers – Healthcare orgs need to leverage data to provide better care, develop new lines of business and find efficiency.

@ericdemers – Case study: MissionPoint Drives Patient Satisfaction and Health, Decreases Costs

@carey_smith – Case study: MissionPoint Drives Patient Satisfaction and Health, Decreases Costs

@drkdhoffman – Need to have the CRM integrate with EHR to help increase #patientengagement & help #providers

@awareseniorcare – (cont) SoMe provides avenue of real-time feedback in patient care; need to leverage to make care better, personalized.

@ericdemers – Providers need to enhance patient care and grow revenue, while also improving cost, risk management, and outcomes.

@carey_smith – Info is often transferred from one record to another via paper records that are scanned or transcribed in other forms.

@verbalcare – Patients need to regain control over their care and their #data, and that will help satisfaction and profit grow.

@awareseniorcare – @Carey_Smith Records need to be more fluid and easily accessible; cut down on time/cost. Antiquated system.

@carey_smith – There are often different EHR systems used for home care, physician’s offices, emergency medicine, and acute care.

@drkdhoffman – Reading abt #CareNotify use it to engage #patients & help #providers as well as meeting MU2 requriements

@rtoleti – If #providers too busy to manage a #CRM, Who is going to do it?

@healthdig – @Nextwaveconnect a5: through the advent of apps and real time communications, absolutely! @DGBDerm

@steven_paul – @drkdhoffman To get #MU where is needs to be you’ll have to go where the patients are. #SocialMedia

Topic #6: What data and information does a #CRM provide that isn’t already accessible in an EHR?

@ericdemers – Communication w/ patients before and after their encounters with the system are paramount in a value-based system.

@ericdemers – Automated alerts remind providesr to contact their members based on new data, or the absence of data (glucose reading).

@awareseniorcare – Patient much more involved in the CRM process; EHR mostly under the direction of HCP/DRs/etc.

@ericdemers – A CRM can integrate multiple sources of information across the organization and report it in a single pane.

@jimmie_vanagon – @VisionWareMDM @drkdhoffman yes the CRM should funnel N2 nurse wkstn2integrate EHR/e-faxes/sec messgs/portal/tele/schedule

@ericdemers – CRM has more storage and scalability, adding flexibility and increased access to doctors and other providers.

@visionwaremdm – is #CRM enough on it’s own? Gartner suggests 40% of #CRM customers will demand #MDM capabilities by 2018.

@steven_paul – @drkdhoffman Social networks and smartphones are the in. The obstacle is the stickiness. #healthcare needs a Candy Crush.

@ericdemers – CRM can transform the data into useable and actionable information.

@drkdhoffman – Question: Are #providers too busy to manage a #CRM? Who is going to do it?

@rtoleti – @Steven_Paul Smartphones are a great option. 98% of people open text messages within 3 minutes.

@jimmie_vanagon – @drkdhoffman @Carey_Smith IMHO functional “interoperability” will B the primary role of the CRM & not the EHR

Topic #7: Can a #CRM help empower patients to become more involved with their care?

@jimmie_vanagon – @drkdhoffman @Carey_Smith because the doc has to “interoperable” first & foremost with each & every patient

@ericdemers – CRM enables consumers to be more involved in their health journey & to take responsibility for their own health.

@drkdhoffman – Another question with that: How does a #CRM influence #patient #engagement rates?

@carey_smith – Understanding each patient as an individual is how healthcare providers can provide information that is unique to them.

@ericdemers – A significant part of self-care and prevention is education. It must be personalized not generic. CRM can help.

@awareseniorcare – Yes. It provides a way for PT to directly interact with care team, share info relevant to their treatment.

@drkdhoffman – Absolutely! #Personalization makes it #relevant…important!

@rtoleti – @Nextwaveconnect: Yes, as long as the CRM meets them where they are

@jimmie_vanagon – @drkdhoffman I have 815 patients on a portal & most would much rather secure message a simple Rx/?/appt than call, very+infl

@verbalcare – Also allows care team to deliver more personalized care, which improves the overall quality of care.

@carey_smith – Once fully implemented, the CRM will provide efficiencies @drkdhoffman. Save time and money.

Topic #8: How do you manage quality-based outcomes and allow patients to own their health care relationships?

@ericdemers – CRM offers members a way to interact directly with their care team & access info their providers have made available.

@ericdemers – With bidirectional messaging and data flow, CRM enables information sharing and communication.

@carey_smith – CRM allows for 1:1 interaction, personalized car plans and info sharing, etc @drkdhoffman.

@ericdemers – Patient-centric care requires continuous engagement before, during & after care

@carey_smith – Employees and patient facing apps are easily built and managed within the CRM.

@jimmie_vanagon – @Steven_Paul @drkdhoffman IMHO the nurse in OP internist office has2Bthe1to manage the portal&get things done quickly&well

@drkdhoffman – @ericdemers Over communicating can be a work flow grind.

Topic #9: How can choosing the right tech solution allow for ongoing evolution to address other needs within the organization?

@visionwaremdm – still unclear how #CRM alone will impact duplicate & discrepancies – #governance and “dirty data” are rampant in #HealthIT.

@ericdemers – CRM is not just about technology – it’s about people and process supported by technology.

@carey_smith – A fully implemented CRM strategy can boost efficiencies, lower costs, and grow market share.

@ericdemers – CRM’s, such as @Salesforce, offer a scalable solution for healthcare organizations.

@jimmie_vanagon – @Steven_Paul @drkdhoffman if portal mnged by2many employess things will fall thru cracks also the beauty of CRM inboxes mnged

@awareseniorcare – It’s all about getting the PT the right quality of care; tech could possibly cut down on time/cost/labor.

@rtoleti – #CareNotify is being used to engage patients on mobile and help providers meet #MU2.

@ericdemers – Organizations need better communication, not just more ways to communicate. Remove the waste

@drkdhoffman – #CareNarrative makes it simpler to connect & collaborate with other providers also #CRM compatible

Topic #10: How is data security and privacy handled with a #CRM?

@nextwaveconnect – Key is to work w/ a healthcare-specific partner when choosing & implementing CRM. Can address workflow, legacy systems. etc.

@carey_smith – [email protected] delivers scale, security, compliance and social in healthcare.

@ericdemers – @Salesforce Shield is geared toward companies with compliance, governance, and regulatory requirements.

@ericdemers – Interesting production=>#CareNotify pushes discharge instructions med lists to patients thru #smartphones

@drkdhoffman – Multiple users need to have different security roles based on what they are using the CRM for.

@ericdemers – The healthcare industry demands high security and privacy to safeguard sensitive, insightful customer data.

That’s All Folks!

@ericdemers – Thank you @EricDemers for partnering with us and providing your insight in today’s #HealthcareChat. Any closing thoughts?

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