Just what is an ICD-10 Command Center?

Today, my friend Tom Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief at Healthcare IT News, posted an article titled “The case for creating an ICD-10 command center.”

The post contained some information on how certain organizations have stood up an “ICD-10 Command Center” to serve as a focal point for support and problem resolution during the cutover to ICD-10 next month. I thought I’d provide a little supplemental information:

What is an ICD-10 Command Center?

Ideally a physical location. But I suppose it could be an intranet or phone number.

Includes representatives from all of the high-impact business areas

What does an ICD-10 Command Center do?

Triage, address and report all ICD-10-related issues

Coordinate and report all pre-launch and post-launch activities

Monitor and report key metrics

Track contingency plans

Monitor and report production performance

Ongoing communication

When Should the Command Center start up?

Should be live right about now – Mid-September and run through the end of 2015 – at least.

An ICD-10 Command Center may make or break your ICD-10 cutover. Hopefully, if your organization has taken ICD-10 seriously, as Tom quoted Adam-Podgornik in his article: “Once October 1 arrives it should be a non-event – just business as usual.”